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YUwash is a Revolutionary, first of its kind, App driven, fully Automated Smart Laundrette, for everything from weekly washing to bigger laundering needs such as duvets and blankets. YUwash Laundrette setup comes with YUwash fully automatic front load washing machines, Automatic Soap Dispensing Unit, Inbuilt Energy Meter, Safe locking System.

Why Yuwash is best
for you

Whether you're a commercial customer needing significant quantities to be washed and dried or an individual looking to wash your clothes, you can highly benefit from our YUwash quality & economical washing services.

Completely App driven

Fully automated ,state of the art machines which can be operated with just a touch on your mobile phone application.

Smart Booking System

No more waiting for machines to get free. Yuwash Smart Booking system allows you to book your wash in advance, one can book a wash from any location within the reach, at his/her convenient time.

Easy to use

Using the easy to use interface, one can WASH and DRY his/her clothes using our YUwash Machines in an easy, clean and hassle-free way giving you a world class laundry experience not witnessed around the globe ever.

Best Laundry Service
in the market

Our Feature rich Laundrette service, being the FIRST ONE of its kind, is like no other in the market. Choose from a range of options. Walk in with just your laundry and collect them fresh-dry and good-to-go.

Yuwash Features

We make sure our Services are Readily available and Easy to Use, inorder to give you the Best Washing Experience everytime you visit a Yuwash Laundrette

Easy to Locate/

Easily find the available Yuwash stores near you or anywhere using our App.

Wide Selection/

Choose from a Wide variety of Washing and Drying options, for any type of laundry.

Environmental Friendly/

Optimised Wash cycles and high end machines ensure minimal wastage of water .

Fully Automated/

Completely automated, Self service machines - Doesnt require any attendant's presence.

/Inbuilt Soap Dispenser

Smart dispensing system which dispenses detergent in an optimised manner to ensure a quality wash.


Self cleaning cycles are automatically run periodically to maintain hygene.

/Cashless Payments

Secure payment via Credit/Debit/Netbanking or trusted WALLET.

/Smart Lock

Smart locking feature that keeps your clothes safe when left unattended after wash.

How to use our Services

The entire application based process of washing clothes, gives a user world class laundry experience not witnessed around the globe ever. Yuwash Smart Booking Application lets you Book your wash at a convenient time slot of your choice. It also provides you full control over your wash cycle, from selecting the type of the wash-soap-drying till unlocking the door and collecting your freshly washed clothes. This completely avoids wastage of your precious time unlike other conventional laundrettes.

Available on

Yuwash Booking Application is available for Android Platform.

Franchise Laundrette

Laundromats are increasingly becoming a profitable investment. In the smaller cities, the manufacturers of these machines are encouraging people to invest in the business and provide services that are gaining popularity with bachelors and working couples.In the dry-cleaning segment, it has always been good local business for small timers in cities and small towns. The segment braces for large expansion after the initial success of technology-driven business which is more efficient than the traditional dry-cleaning shops. YUwash Laundrettes is poised to play a big role in laundry services space in Indian market. Be a part of the Revolution by joining us.
CONTACT US on franchise@yuwash.com to know more.

On-Premise Laundrette

As per prevailing trends in various sectors especially Education Industry, Educationist Groups/Institutions in India, endeavor to provide World Class Quality Education along with high standards of premises & facilities to the youth. Keeping such vision & approach in consideration, Yuwash Laundrettes Pvt. Ltd., the first and only company in the World, endeavor to render a revolutionary laundry service to various sectors like Education, Pharmaceuticals, Hotels & Tourism, Hospitals, etc. throughout Indian Boundaries which is completely application driven, enabling the user to wash clothes with ease using the state of the art washing machines at time of one's convenience and too without one’s physical presence at the platform.
CONTACT US on onpremise@yuwash.com to know more.

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